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Landing a Job: Everything You Need to Know About Online CVs

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The work market is no longer the same. In recent years we have seen technology development spike that changed the way business owners conduct interviews. The most recent coronavirus outbreak also did a favor to online hiring. In many companies, you no longer need to appear in person to be hired. There are video calls and online CVS. While you’ll eventually be in need to meet your employers, when it comes to sending a CV, these days it is mostly done online. A physical copy has been put to bed, and it is almost a relic of the past.

But, for many people, getting used to all things online is still an issue. It is not something tied to older generations. Making your first CV could pose an issue even if you spent your entire life close to a computer and a smartphone. Are you in the process of attempting landing a job? Everything you need to know about online CVs will be listed below in this article if this is your situation. There’s plenty to learn and know about online resumes, and this text might be a great place for you to start learning.

Of course, this might prove to be a broad subject, so you’ll need to pardon us if not everything is covered in the limited amount of words we’re going to spend writing this piece. Of course, the internet is a vast place, so you can ask for additional data at other places. There are no such things as knowing too much. When it comes to your future employment it is better to know all you can this early in your education regarding all things internet and especially online CVS. So if you’re looking to expand your knowledge right after you read our article we have a great place where you can start and it is located at https://resume-example.com/.

Are CV and a Resume the Same?

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It all depends on how you look at it. A resume is a term used in the USA. CV, on the other hand, is more tied to English-speaking European countries and Europe in general. Interestingly, Australia uses both terms. What this means is that while they’re similar, they’re not one-of-a-kind documents. The latter is a short description, usually, one page, created to make you stand out as a candidate, having only vital data about you listed. CVs on the other hand are a more detailed description of who you are as an employee. It also should cover all of your achievements through the years, including all of your early education, and extracurricular activities.

Focus on What Matters

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An online CV gives you a big advantage compared to a physical copy. It can be detailed, and vast, but also tailored in such a way that you can fir all info you like, and still be easy to read to your future employer. Because of this, many people go too broad on the subject of their past achievements and

plans. This is why it is vital to stick to your main traits, and don’t stove off too far away from the centerpiece of your CV. Every online CV needs to start with your contact info. It includes your home address, phone number, e-mail address, and links to your social media pages, or a blog/website if you have one. After that you need to summarize yourself as a person and an employee, creating a part of your CV that will tell the employer who you are. Once you have that part covered it is time to move on to your experience, and kills, and top all of that with the part of your education. Once you have all of this writing you’re free to explore your hobbies, and any other activity you have next to your primary job.

Remember It’s an Online CV

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This is what makes it special, and different from regular resumes. First of all, it is not a scanned version of an already written document. No, as you can see in the third paragraph, it needs to be written on a template that can be altered depending on your desired look of an online CV. Considering that it is an internet version too, you need to pay attention to a few details. First of all, it needs to be available online. So, you can connect it to a few places that you deem worthy of such content. It needs to be filled with links to your contacts on social media and e-mail addresses. This is all possible with a fine online resume. It can be a part of your LinkedIn profile or your website, or you can use a designated platform.

If you don’t know where to start, it all starts as explained above with finding a template. Once you find it and fill it with your date it is vital to pay attention to keywords. As it is an online version, hitting the right keywords is important. After all, you can SEO optimize your online CV, which makes it easier for employers to find you in some cases. On the page, SEO might not be your forte but you need to learn it a bit. Once you have everything finished, or at least you think you’re close, make sure you double-check everything. You need to remember that the internet remembers it all. So, make sure your CV is as close to flawless as it can be.

Types And Advantages

As you can probably tell, online CVs can be anything you like, but in a certain form. You can have it posted in a PDF form, tied to some website, to a website of your own making, and as a profile on websites designed for CV distribution. The biggest advantage of an online CV is that you can share it with multiple employers at the same time, and we are talking dozens here. Furthermore, if you do it right, it is much more impressive than a regular resume. It’s more accessible, shared, and distributed. It has all of the advantages of the internet, and rarely any flaws.