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Let Her Shine: 10 Ideas For Jewelry Any Woman Would Love To Get On Her Birthday – 2021 Guide

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Everyone loves jewelry. We love to receive it as a gift, and we often love to give it to our loved ones. Jewelry is the most favorite choice of gifts when it comes to celebrating festive occasions such as baptisms, communions, weddings, and also when it comes to special days such as Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, and even birthdays.

There is no way you can go wrong with jewelry. It’s one of those presents that remind us of an important moment in life every time we look at it, and it can be passed from generation to generation, so it often remains in the family heritage. Therefore, it really is something suitable for everyone.

Given that there are many special occasions, and jewelry, even more, we decided to make a small list containing ideas to help you choose the ideal piece of jewelry, as a birthday present every woman would like to get. So, let’s get started.

1. Name necklace

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Necklaces with names became popular when the Sex and city character, Carrie Bradshaw started wearing one. Judging by the popularity of this show, it’s a perfect gift idea, any woman would love to have.

According to onecklace.com name necklaces are a good choice if you want to buy something the person will keep and will not pass on to anyone else. In a way, by giving a necklace, you let that person know that you want to be present in their life, and their memories. Whether she will carry it often, or store it in a box, when she looks at it, she will always remember you and the moment when she received the necklace.

2. A ring

The second best option for a jewelry gift is the ring. However, if you opt for a ring, there are some issues that can complicate the choice. They are related to size. To decide on the size, it is best to ‘borrow’ an existing ring that the lady is wearing and take it to the nearest jewelry store where they will determine the size. A ‘ring sizer’ can also be found on the web and you can print it and compare the existing ring with the illustration.

It will take some struggle to get the right size, but there isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t want to show off with a new ring.

3. Earrings

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If you’ve seen her wear earrings often, that’s what you should get her. They are a very effective piece of jewelry because they frame the face and can sit very well in terms of aesthetics. It is recommended to buy them as a gift only if they are on your lady’s repertoire every day. That way you’ll make sure they are something she enjoys.

4. Pandora Bracelet

Pandora bracelets are great because they can be purchased with all the cool pendants, with adequate symbolism. They are often kept on hand with a watch so show your partner that you always have the time and attention for her.

5. A Pendant

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You can also show that you care with symbols that will leave the person you want to surprise breathless when they open the gift. Is there anything more beautiful than an elegant necklace with a small pendant in the shape of the first letter of the name of the person you are giving away, the names of their loved ones? Or a precious stone, with a special significance …

Pandora pendants, as mentioned previously, can also be purchased separately, and giving them as a gift multiple times is no mistake. Their bracelets are made for collecting pendants.

6. A Watch

In this hectic time, when we are all constantly rushing from one commitment to another, it is nice to be reminded of the classic pieces to which the term “timeless” is associated. A beautiful watch is an ideal gift for those who are constantly in a hurry and never know what time it is.

7. Chain necklace

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A chain necklace around the neck with the pendant sends a strong message. The necklace touches the part we associate with love, and that is the heart.

8. Diamond

Traditional diamond rings are, as Marilyn Monroe sang, “women’s best friends”, so a luxurious ring will always delight, but you can play with colors and choose rings, necklaces, or earrings with this precious stone in colors with a ‘wow factor. With diamond jewelry like this, you will hardly go wrong. Piercing may not sound so glamourous, but can surely be a valuable gift. They can be purchased with diamonds as well. If your significant other has one, it will be an ideal birthday gift.

9. Broch

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Broch and pins are suitable for ladies who like to wear scarves. They will also make a perfect gift for those who do not wear jewelry often but like clothing details. Gifting a pin decorated with rhinestones, precious or semi-precious stones, will make any woman stand out in a crowd.

10. Hairpin

Another option for women who are not used to wearing jewelry in regular forms like rings, necklaces, etc. A hairpin can be a statement piece of jewelry. For example, a dragonfly hairpin is a symbol of happiness, courage, strength, change, wisdom, peace, harmony, and purity. It announces the change, brings strength and courage. It is connected to our subconscious and dreams. It is believed that the Fairy Horse if you meet it in nature, will bring you happiness and new knowledge, new beginnings. With hairpin jewelry with the symbol of the dragonfly, meetings that bring happiness can be every day. What a message to pass on to your significant other

By choosing jewelry, you can show the person how much you know them. Of course, you can make a mistake and go to the other extreme. If you are not sure, it is best to listen for a while to what the person likes. We know that it is not easy to make a choice and guess the taste of a loved one. But if you succeed, in addition to a valuable and significant gift, your better half will also receive recognition that you know her well.

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